Throughout its 40+year history, Independent Chemical Corporation has been impacting the decisions Managers have been making when it comes to commercial cleaning chemicals and equipment for their own facilities with a broad range of industries.

Independent Chemical Corporation is committed to being a top commercial chemical and janitorial cleaning equipment supplier and understands the need to meet the evolving demands within each industry. We are not happy with status quo and are always trying to elevate the level of our service and the overall efficiency of our customers.

Independent Chemical Corporation is a specialist in cleaning chemicals & equipment- helping achieve cleaner, healthier, safer workplaces and buildings. Having a 2nd generation owner whose passion is helping customers attain clean, healthy, safe buildings and workplaces; while meeting requirements for their own customers and employers within their own facilities helps to make Independent Chemical Corporation a leading distributor of Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Equipment, Janitorial Supplies and Facility Maintenance products. The goal of the company is to help its customer base to increase efficiency and make an impact on their bottom line.


Independent Chemical Corporation is simply not satisfied with the norm. The cleaning chemicals, which companies utilize, have to be safe and effective. Too often, facilities supported past practices of using specialized chemicals with abrasive ingredients in combination with cleaning equipment to meet stringent industry demands. These practices created an environment where employees could be exposed to hazardous working conditions. The dangerous mixing of industrial cleaning chemicals could lead to the inhalation of airborne chemicals and dangerous toxins pollute can easily pollute both air and water.


Innovative commercial cleaning products and janitorial equipment have helped to eliminate past risks.

Multi-purpose cleaners have replaced the need for an array of specialized products, while safer, yet equally effective, alternatives; have replaced harsh, dangerous ingredients.

You may be wondering if our cleaning products are environmentally safe. Some of our products actually leverage biotechnology used in environmental clean-up efforts. In other areas, we’ve actually cut the chemical out altogether, and use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done with water, replacing brawn with brains.


Independent Chemical Corporation recognizes that each of our customers have their own business models and specific needs that have to be met. In order to fully comprehend the specificities of each business, personal consultation and customer service are of top priority. By doing individual consultation with businesses, we enable our customers to learn about our products, understand proper safety protocols and realize the most efficient way to use the product within their facilities.

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