Independent Chemical is concerned with a business’ bottom line and continually wants to help improve their ROI. Offering the latest technologies, Independent Chemical helps to keep your business on the cutting edge. Our friendly staff is always there to offer keen insight as to which products will help to keep your facility running at peak performance.


  • VACATE – VOC-compliant, ready-to-use, non-selective total-kill herbicide with residual
  • BANISH – water-based, non-selective total kill, concentrated herbicide with residual
  • ELIMINATOR – concentrated, contact, non-selective vegetation killer for control of broadleaf weeds, grass, and aquatic weeds and algae
  • TRIPLE THREAT – selective concentrated herbicide with no residual

Cleaners & Degreasers

  • DOUBLE POWER – water-soluble concentrated butyl cleaner/degreaser
  • GREASINATOR – green certified industrial degreaser concentrate

Ice Melters/De-Icers

  • E-Z MELT – high performance ice melt containing a blend of sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides
  • WINTER BLAST – premium ice melter with CMA
  • HALITE – rock salt
  • PELADOW – calcium chloride pellets
  • DOW FLAKE – calcium chloride flakes
  • Glycols & Heat Transfer Fluids
  • DOWTHERM – inhibited propylene glycol
  • DOWFROST – inhibited ethylene glycol

Disinfectants & Sanitizers

  • ENVIROX – premium, patented Sanitizer/Virucide Cleaner

Floor Care

  • MEGATRON – state-of-art floor finish for high traffic, high visibility floors
  • MEGASTRIP – ultra powerful, aggressive emulsifying stripper

Food Service

  • CX-7 – ware washing liquid detergent
  • CX-8 – rinse additive-drying agent
  • GLEAM – chlorinated, powdered machine dishwashing detergent
  • LIQUID GLEAM – chlorinated, liquid detergent for machine dishwashing
  • EMERALD GREEN – economical dishwashing liquid
  • KEM SUDS POWDERED DISH DETERGENT – powdered hand dishwashing detergent
  • SOFT SUDS – highly concentrated liquid dish detergent
  • GRILL & OVEN CLEANER – grease cleaner
  • LIME SCALE REMOVER – dual-acid scale remover
  • OPEN UP – ready to use non-acid drain opener
  • SYN-QUAT 10 – USDA D2 sanitizer for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse


  • CLOTHESLINE FRESH – all-purpose powdered laundry detergent
  • WASH PLUS – liquid laundry detergent
  • FLUFFY FABRIC SOFTENER – ready-to-use cationic fabric softener


  • MULTI-PURPOSE PENETRANT – premium oil that lubricates, penetrates and demoisturizes
  • SILICONE LUBE – fast-drying lubricant
  • GREASE-IT – grease gun in a can
  • GRAPHITE LUBRICANT – dry-film lubricant
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Hand Care

  • SoftenSure – luxury foam soap with aloe
  • SoftenSure – antibacterial foam soap
  • Alpet E2 – sanitizing foam soap
  • Alpet E4 – industrial hand cleaner
  • Kresto – extra-heavy-duty hand cleaner with scrubbing agent
  • Smart-San ES – hand sanitizer spray

Odor Control

  • FRESH-AIRE – powerful water based odor controller
  • LEMON SEWER SWEETENER – powerful lemon fragrance odor controller

Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

  • SEWER ANTI-FOAM CONCENTRATE – silicone defoaming agent
  • FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER – 100% D-Limonene dissolves heavy grease and fat accumulations on walls and creates an odor barrier with a pleasant citrus scent
  • DIGESTASE SDE 340 – sewer digestant with enzymes

Water Treatment

  • OXY TREAT – liquid catalyzed oxygen scavenger that quickly removes dissolved oxygen from boiler feedwater
  • ALKA TREAT – liquid alkalinity builder and sludge conditioner that increases the alkalinity in conjunction with other steam boiler treatments
  • BOILER TREAT “H” –  multipurpose liquid additive for use in hard water steam boiler applications. Fortified with scale and corrosion inhibitors to prevent the deposition of lime, scale, rust and other minerals in large water-treatment boilers
  • TOWERE TREAT “H” – liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor formulated for hard water in open recirculating cooling tower systems
  • LOOP TREAT POLY – liquid polymer-based scale and corrosion inhibitor designed for use in both hot- and cold-water closed loop recirculating systems. NSF G7 certified
  • TOWER-CIDE – liquid microbiological growth inhibitor used to control the formation of algae, bacteria and fungi in recirculating water-cooling towers
  • STEAM TREAT –  liquid additive formulated to provide corrosion protection in steam boiler condensate systems and tanks
  • FUEL TREAT – liquid additive designed for use in fuel systems to reduce the viscosity of all types of fuel oils and create a fluidizing effect for faster pumping
  • LOOP TREAT NITRO – liquid borate/nitrate scale and corrosion inhibitor designed for use in both hot- and cold-water closed loop recirculating systems
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