Government Buildings need to be cleaned in order to offer sterile and healthy environments for both public servants and the general public. Government Institutions can easily and quickly benefit from the cleaning chemicals and janitorial cleaning equipment offered by Independent Chemical.


Government buildings are often large and have a lot of daily foot traffic. Independent Chemical offers assistance in regards to product recommendations and usage in order to get the job done in a cost effective manner. Independent Chemical’s products and equipment are environmentally friendly, safe and effective.

government building cleaning supplies


Simplify your facilities cleaning supply needs with EnvirOx, an incredibly effective multi-purpose cleaner. EnvirOx eliminates the need to buy 7 or 8 different products, reducing your bottom line while cleaning your facility quickly and more efficiently. This innovative product offers powerful, residue-free cleaning that’s safe and Green Seal certified.

Pacific Floorcare streamlines your institutions floor cleaning with their cutting edge walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers. Stop wasting funds on replacing batteries haven’t been properly maintained. Pacific Floorcare’s auto scrubbers will only operate if there’s an adequate supply of water for the battery, which has patented Battery Shield technology. These batteries are completely sealed, eliminating splashing or dangerous fumes.

Keeping grounds and outdoor areas clear of ice and hazard free is easier than ever before with our E-Z Melt ice melt. You can rely on Independent Chemical for fast delivery of an E-Z Melt shipment when you need it most.

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