When it comes to industrial cleaning, it is vital to have products and equipment that are powerful in nature to effectively sanitize contaminated sites and hard surfaces.

Independent Chemical is proud to offer chemical and cleaning equipment solutions that aid in not only getting the job done faster, but also getting the job done correctly the first time around.


For Independent Chemical, trust is a main component to building lasting relationships with its customers. Independent Chemical continually offers knowledgeable advice when it comes to selecting available cleaning products that fit with your budget constraints. Independent Chemical recognizes the specific needs of each of their customers and always strives to exceed expectations by making sound industry recommendations.

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INDUSTRY EXAMPLE – Heavy Equipment and Transportation

Eradicate petroleum based contaminants with Bio-Rem 2000, a cutting edge cleaning solution that utilizes microbe technology. This green alternative known as bioremediation is defined by the U.S. EPA as “a treatment process that uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to breakdown, or degrade, hazardous substances into less toxic or non-toxic substances.” When Bio-Rem 2000 is applied to oil spillage, the contaminant is amazingly turned into Co2 and water with no disposal necessary.

Cuda automatic parts washers offer an industrial sized option by eliminating the need to wash parts by hand. These aqueous based washers use pressurized jets of hot water and special detergent to clean your parts quickly and efficiently. Cuda washers are a healthier alternative for your employees, providing a safer, time-saving solution.

Another low maintenance cleaning option for the repetitive cleaning environment of Heavy Equipment and Transportation is the Hydro Tek Pressure Washer. This U.S. made washer utilizes stainless steel instead of powder coating to increase durability for the industrial market.

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